Your chance to contribute to an important consultation on Internet Safety

Consultation on Online Parental Controls

Last month the Government launched a public consultation about the best ways of protecting children online. We want as many people as possible to participate in the consultation to ensure that, ultimately, the Government takes the necessary steps to protect children from pornography and other harmful content online.

Why get involved?

We believe children and young people should have the right to surf the internet safely – free from exposure to pornography and other harmful content. Internet service providers can offer the solution by adopting network-level filters which automatically block pornography by default. This would still give adults aged 18 and over the choice to opt-in to view adult material, whilst ensuring the best protect for children and young people online.

The consultation offers a perfect opportunity for you to give your opinion on this critical issue and the Government say they are particularly keen to hear from parents/ guardians. Similarly, we believe it is important that as many young people as possible participate in this consultation as it is vital the Government hears their concerns directly.

The consultation closes on Thursday September 6th The summary of findings from the consultation will be published at a later date and will feed into discussion between the Department for Education and UKCCIS (United Kingdom Council for Child Internet Safety). Making your voice heard will be crucial so please take the time to complete the consultation!

How to get involved:

Before participating in the consultation, you may find it useful to read the accompanying guidance.

Once you have read the guidance, please fill in the consultation here.

It will tell you to download the consultation response Word form from the associated resources section, and submit your completed response via the online form. Or you can also send it by email to:

If you know people who cannot use the internet but would like to participate, ask us to send you hard copies of the response form for them to fill in and submit by post.

For more information or to answer any queries you may have please contact:
Tel: 08456 52 52 52

***Please forward this on to your friends, family, church and youth leaders and urge them to get involved.***

Sign the Petition

To protect children I call on the Government to force Internet Service Providers to make accessing pornography an adult only opt-in service.

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