Safetynet campaign victory to block on-line porn by default!

Premier Christian Media's Safetynet initiative applauds the Prime Minister's announcement

Every household in the UK is to have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it. And it's thanks, in no small part, to a campaign to protect children from hard core violence and abusive images by Premier Christian Media's Safetynet initiative, launched at the beginning of 2012, in conjunction with partners Safermedia.

Premier Christian Media has been at the forefront of the campaign, calling for Internet Service Providers [ISPs] to block on-line pornography as a default setting. The Safetynet campaign - Protecting Innocence Online - organised a highly successful 110,000 signature petition, delivered to the Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in Downing Street in September last year.

It was presented at Number 10 by Peter Kerridge, CEO of Premier Christian Media, Pippa Smith and Miranda Suit, representing Safetynet, together with a cross party group of MPs.

Peter Kerridge said, at the time; "This simple measure would in no way restrict adults from accessing such websites by specific application but would help to protect generations of young people from on-line pornographers."

He added; "We are looking to this Government to take decisive action to halt this blatant and relentless assault on young and impressionable minds."

It was a sentiment echoed by David Cameron in his announcement today when he warned that on-line pornography is "corroding childhood".

Family friendly filters will be automatically selected for new customers - although they will be able to choose to switch them off. And millions of existing computer users will be contacted by their ISPs and told they must decide whether to activate filters to restrict adult material.

It is thought that customers who do not click on either option - accepting or declining - will have filters activated by default.

Hailing the Prime Minister's announcement today as a victory for Christian values, Peter Kerridge said; "Our many allies and supporters can justifiably congratulate themselves on a campaign well-fought but, until these proposals are implemented, we shall maintain our vigil to combat the open door to pornography and depravity and its impact on the innocence of our children."

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